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Our Focus

Below is a list of our top priorities, which encompass all aspects of airport infrastructure and the passenger experience, as well as jobs and the regional economy.  We must bring our airports into the 21st century, and each of these areas are critical to achieving that goal.  

Top 10 Action Items



Work with the Port Authority, airlines, private developers, and other stakeholders to advocate for the implementation of a timely redevelopment of New York's and New Jersey's major airports. 


Research and call for the improvement and expansion of access and mass transit links to the airports, including the creation of dedicated lanes to airports, an HOV lane at all three airports, and improved branding and marketing of existing transit routes.


Advocate for the full rollout of NextGen technology at the three New York metropolitan airports, and for the prioritization of our airports amid national implementation plans.


Work with the CBP and TSA to explore new and improved technology and screening options, to alleviate security and customs lines at airports and strengthen security at our airports.


Find solutions to facilitate growth in New York's air cargo industry to create more jobs for the surrounding community, and spur economic growth in the region. 


Advocate for, and consider partially financing through a public-private partnership, additional greeters in critical areas of all three airports to enhance the passenger experience at a critical period.


Advocate for, and consider partially financing through a public-private partnership, improved signage for better in-airport navigation.


Advocate for improved customer-service training of TSA officers to provide a better passenger experience.


Identify airport amenities that are critical to providing a 21st century passenger experience, and call for their implementation at New York airports.


Advocate for the development of more streamlined vehicular traffic patterns and improved taxi and limousine service options, to facilitate efficient pick-ups and drop-offs and ease overall congestion on airport grounds.

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