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Founding Message from Board Chairman:


With approximately 55 million visitors traveling to New York City in 2012 alone, it is vital that we have world-class airport infrastructure to maintain our reputation as the greatest city in the world. For close to 50 years, our region’s airports were considered among the best in the country, but today, the very same airports that led the world in travel and exuded economic dominance are now considered among the worst. The Global Gateway Alliance was established in order to change that.


By bringing together leaders in business, government, labor, and academia, the Global Gateway Alliance is tackling the challenges plaguing New York’s airports to ensure that our air transportation infrastructure continues to serve as a catalyst for the region’s growth. To do so, we are working aggressively to raise awareness, propose solutions and demand action.


Our airports are often the first and last impressions visitors have of our City and country, and every bad first impression has a direct impact on economic activity. In fact, it’s predicted that the New York metropolitan region could well face $79 billion in economic losses by 2025 if we don’t do something about the declining state of our airport infrastructure. Whether its congestion into and out of our airports, excessive flight delays, overly burdensome screening processes or poor maintenance of our air terminals, the results are still the same: lost revenue, lost income, and lost prestige for our business climate. It is evident that the challenges facing New York’s airports, if left unaddressed, are going to have major, long-term impacts on New York City’s business climate and our local economy.


The Global Gateway Alliance was established to tackle the challenges facing our airports and serve as the leading advocate in an effort to make them better. We hope you find this website informative and we hope that you will join our effort to ensure that New York has airport’s worthy of its reputation as a global gateway city.




Joseph J. Sitt

Chairman and Founder

Global Gateway Alliance

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