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GGA Statement on 50th Anniversary of JFK Airport Naming - December 24, 2013


NY Post: Push for Free WiFi at area airports - December 18, 2013


GGA: Graphic - Free Public Wi-Fi versus Boingo - December 18, 2013




Crains: A Tale of Too Many Transit Systems - December 16, 2013


Capital New York: That one-seat ride to J.F.K.? Possible. - December 12, 2013




AM-NY: Advocates decry TSA's plan for exit lanes - December 9, 2013


Star-Ledger: Airport group urges TSA to continue staffing exit lanes - December 9, 2013






Commercial Observer: Come Fly with Me: The Economic Impact of NYC’s Airports - December 4, 2013


Crain's GGA Op-Ed: JFK Customs Delays Are a Disgrace to City – December 2, 2013


Crain's Editor's Note: The Great Planes – December 1, 2013


Crain's NY: OPINION: JFK Customs Delays are a Disgrace to City – December 1, 2013




Global Airport Cities: New York Airports Deliver $63B to Local Economy – November 27, 2013


Bloomberg: Which Airports are the Most Congested? – November 26, 2013


Crain’s New York Business: Report: Airports Account for $63B in Economic Activity – November 26, 2013


The Real Deal: NYC Airports Generated $63B Last Year: Report – November 26, 2013

GGA: New York Metropolitan Airports Flying High with Jobs and Economic Growth – November 26, 2013


Legislative Gazette: Port Authority to Study Long Island Airplane Noise – November 25, 2013


Travel Weekly: U.S. Travel Association Says Infrastructure Woes a Top Priority – November 24, 2013


AM New York: Holiday Congestion Becoming a Normal Flight Experience: Reports – November 20, 2013


The Star-Ledger: Thanksgiving-like Crowds at N.J. Area Airports Will Be More Common and Costly, Studies Say – November 20, 2013


GGA: NYC Metropolitan Airports at Serious Risk From Overcapacity, New Studies Find – November 20, 2013


Queens Ledger: FAA Needs tp Ignore Global Gateway Alliance, Study TNNIS Procedure – November 20, 2013


USA Today: Some Airports Will Feel Holiday Crush Year Round – November 20, 2013


International Meetings Review: Report: New York Airports to See Increased Congestion – November 20, 2013


Bayside-Douglaston Patch: Update: Airport Advocacy Group Advises FAA Not to Study Airplane Noise Impact – November 15, 2013


The Wall Street Journal: Advocates Oppose Review of LaGuardia Flight Path – November 14, 2013


GGA: Environmental Impact Statement On ‘Tennis Climb’ Would Fly in Wrong Direction for New York Area Airports – November 14, 2013


The Star-Ledger: TSA Criticized for Removing Security from Exit Lanes, Despite 2010 Kiss That Shuttered Airport – November 13, 2013


Aviation News Online: American Airlines-US Airways Merger is on as Carriers Reach a Settlement with the DOJ – November 13, 2013


GGA: Statement on Settlement Between U.S. Airways, American Airlines And U.S. Justice Department – November 12, 2013


Atlanta Business Chronicle: Report: Delta Passport Kiosks at JFK Cutting Wait Times in Half – November 7, 2013


Sydney Morning Herald: Delta Airlines Pays to Cut Wait Times at New York Airport – November 7, 2013


Customs Today: JFK Airport Customs Kiosks Pay Off in Shorter Wait Times – November 7, 2013


Skift: Delta's New Customs Kiosks at JFK Cut Wait Times in Half – November 7, 2013


Atlanta Business Chronicle: Report: Delta Passport Kiosks at JFK Cutting Waits in Half – November 7, 2013


Bloomberg: Delta's JFK Customs Kiosks Pay Off by Halving Wait Times – November 6, 2013


Detroit News: Delta's JFK Customs Kiosks Pay Off by Halving Wait Times – November 6, 2013


GGA: Statement On Early Success of Customs and Border Protection “Automated Kiosks” At JFK Terminal 4 – November 6, 2013


Teamsters: George Miranda Named to Board of the Global Gateway Alliance – November 1, 2013


GGA: Statement on Los Angeles International Airport Shooting – November 1, 2013




GGA: Statement Applauding FAA Decision to Allow Electronic Devices During Takeoff and Landing — Calls for Implementation of Next Gen to Fully Bring New York Metro Airports Into 21st Century – October 31, 2013


GGA: Statement to Mark The One Year Anniversary Of Hurricane Sandy – October 29, 2013


CNBC: New York-Area Airports Lag in Passenger Amenities: Survey – October 28, 2013


Anchorage Daily News: End of World's Longest Nonstop Flight Heralds Chaos at JFK – October 28, 2013


Chicago Business Journal: Who Knew? O'Hare Airport's Got a Spa! – October 28, 2013


GGA: Statement Announcing the Appointment of Three New Board Members – October 28, 2013


Huffington Post: Airport Amenities Make Travel A Little Less Stressful – October 25, 2013


NBC New York: New York's Airports Lag in Amenities: Report – October 24, 2013


Financial Post: End Of World's Longest Non-Stop Flight Bad News For Business Travellers – October 24, 2013


New York Post: NY Home To America's 'Least Comforatble' Airport – October 23, 2013


NBC News: New York-Area Airports Lag In Passenger Amenities – October 23, 2013


Travelers Today: New York Airports Lack Amenities Finds a New Report – October 23, 2013


Skift: New York Airports' Passenger Amenities Fall Behind Other in U.S. – October 23, 2013


NBC News: New York-area Airports Lag in Passenger Amenities – October 23, 2013


GGA: New York Area Airports Step Up Their Amenities Offerings – Still Lag Behind Most Of Country’s Major Aviation Hubs in Offering Extras to Flyers – October 23, 2013


GGA: Statement Calling for Fast Tracking Laguardia Central Terminal Building – October 16, 2013


New York Post: New Push for Free WiFi at NYC Airports – October 10, 2013


GGA: Statement on City Council Resolution Pushing for Free Wi-fi in NYC-Area Airports – October 10, 2013


GGA: Statement Calling for Essential Federal Aviation Workers in NYC Region to Be Paid During Shutdown – October 8, 2013


GGA: Statement on Federal Furlough of Aviation Safety Inspectors – October 1, 2013




Bloomberg: Cutting JFK Lines Seen Possible With O’Hare Technology – September 28, 2013


Skift: New Kiosks at New York JFK Airport May Reduce Wait Times by 40 Percent – September 27, 2013


GGA: Statement on U.S. Customs and Border Protection Announcement of New “Automated Kiosks” at JFK Terminal 4 – September 26, 2013


GGA Urges Congress to Avoid “Debilitating Impact” on Airports and Air Travel from Government Shutdown, Continued Sequestration – September 26, 2013


GGA: Statement on U.S. Travel Association Report on Customs Wait Times – September 18, 2013


Star Ledger: TSA to Expand Expedited Screening at Newark Airport – September 18, 2013


NY Daily News: Customs From Overseas Is Worst At JFK Airport: Report – September 16, 2013


GGA Report: Delayed: JFK Airport Has Longest Summer Customs Wait Times – September 16, 2013


Crain’s New York: Sources: Christie to back $1B PATH Extension in Newark – September 11, 2013


Crain’s New York: Boingo Revolt: Pressure for Free Airport Wi-Fi Rises – September 5, 2013


Travel Agent Central: GGA Seeks Free Wi-Fi for New York Airports – September 5, 2013


GGA: Letter Demanding Free NYC Airport Wi-Fi in New Boingo Contract – September 5, 2013




GGA: Letter to MTA President and NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner on Bringing Mass Transit to LaGuardia – August 28, 2013


Wall Street Journal: Calls for Return of Scrapped Harlem Bus Route – August 28, 2013


International Meetings Review: New York Alliance Urges TSA Take Action on Airports – August 21, 2013


Travel Agent Central: New York Alliance Urges TSA Action on Airports – August 21, 2013


Fox News: New York City Airports Continue to Charge for WiFi – August 19, 2013


The Observer: New York City Airports Probably Aren’t Going to Offer Free Wifi Anytime Soon – August 19, 2013


AMNewYork: Opinion: NY Airports Need to Get on Board With Conveniences – August 19, 2013


New York Post: NY Airports Charge for Wi-Fi Service... But it's Free Elsewhere – August 19, 2013


Crain’s New York: Private Bidders Eyed for Newark Airport Job – August 13, 2013


City & State: Pat Foye Defends Port Authority Cops, Announces Central Terminal RFP – August 13, 2013


New York Post: US Tax Dollars are Going to Preclearance Facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport – August 11, 2013


Star-Ledger: New Airport Welcome Centers Guide Arriving Travellers to Tourist Spots – August 6, 2013


City & State: Up In The Air (PDF) – August 5, 2013


New Jersey Newsroom: 4 Reasons Newark Airport, La Guardia Rated Poorly – August 5, 2013


The Real Deal: Tishman, big banks make final cut for $2.4B LGA terminal – August 1, 2013




Crain’s New York: Makeover at LaGuardia Advances – July 31, 2013


New York Post: Just go by bus: Local Airports Dead Last in Amenities – July 30, 2013


The Street: LaGuardia Ranks Last in Amenities at Top 20 Airports – July 30, 2013


New York Daily News: LaGuardia and Newark are at the bottom of the barrel, but $6 billion dollars in upgrades are coming – July 29, 2013


GGA: Results of Airport Amenities Study [CHART] – July 29, 2013


GGA: Statement on NYC Area Airports Offer Few Passenger-Friendly Amenities – July 29, 2013


The Wall Street Journal: La Guardia, Newark Land At Bottom of Airport Comfort Survey – July 29, 2013


The Star-Ledger: LaGuardia, Newark Airports Land at Bottom of Amenities Survey – July 29, 2013


GGA: Statement on MTA and NYC DOT Decision to Rescind Plan for Rapid Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport – July 18, 2013


The Wall Street Journal: Issues with One Bus Stop Scrapped an Entire Line in Harlem – July 18, 2013


The Jewish Voice: JFK Fails Customs Inspection: Worst in the US – July 18, 2013


TravelMole: Paying to Get Ahead of the Customs Lines – July 12, 2013


Skift: The 13 Longest Wait Times at U.S. Customs in May – July 12, 2013


AM New York: JFK has Longest Wait Lines for Customs in U.S. – July 10, 2013


WNYC: Which Airports Have the Longest Customs Lines? – July 10, 2013


New York Daily News: John F. Kennedy Airport has No. 1 Longest Wait for Customs in U.S. – July 10, 2013


Newsday: Editorial: JFK's Unwelcome Welcome to International Fliers – July 10, 2013


Crain's New York Business: Joseph Sitt Loves NY, Hates its Airports – July 7, 2013


Newsday: JFK Airport's Iconic Pan Am Terminal Being Demolished – July 4, 2013


The Star-Ledger: JFK Worldport Demolition Urged by Airport Lobby Group – July 1, 2013




GGA: Statement Supporting Demolition of Worldport at JFK to Ease Congestion – June 26, 2013


The Wall Street Journal: New York City's Taxi of Tomorrow Clears Vote, Faces New Legal Challenge – June 20, 2013


GGA: Statement on Bureau of Labor Statistics Release Today of Latest National Flight Delay Data – June 13, 2013


Crain's New York Business: Bringing New York's Airports Up To Speed – June 2, 2013


Crain's New York Business (Opinion): Bring New York Area Airports Into The 21st Century –June 2, 2013




City & State: Delta and Port Authority Open New Terminal at JFK (Updated) – May 27, 2013


The Street: United Taunts Delta: We Lead in New York Flat-Bed Seats – May 24, 2013


NY1: New Efforts To Ease Airport Woes – May 9, 2013


The Star-Ledger: New Group to Push for Airport Improvements – May 8, 2013




Travel Market Report: Agents Fear Air Delays Will Dampen Travel – April 25, 2013


Crain’s New York Business: Fledgling Transit Nonprofit Lands a Leader – April 23, 2013


New York Daily News: Steve Sigmund Named Executive Director of New Group Targeting Shabby Airports – April 23, 2013


Crain’s Insider: Mash-Up - April 23, 2013


Travel Agent Central: Travel Industry Responds to FAA Sequester Furloughs – April 23, 2013


Travel Agent Central: Global Gateway Alliance Announces New Executive Director – April 23, 2013




Real Estate Weekly: Industry Applauds Plans to Reverse JFK Fall – February 27, 2013




Business Facilities: Millionaire Sitt Invests $1 Million To Improve NYC Airport Infrastructure; Launches Global Gateway Alliance – January 15, 2013


WNYC Transportation Nation: NY’s Airports So Old, Millionaire Is Putting Up Private Fortune to Lobby for Renovations – January 14, 2013


Global Airport Cities: Declining State of New York Airports to Cost Economy $79bn by 2025 – January 10, 2013


Travel Weekly: New Group Lobbies for New York Airport Improvements – January 7, 2013


Business Travel News: New Group Lobbies For New York Airport Improvements – January 7, 2013


Travel Agent Central: New Alliance Promotes New York Airports – January 7, 2013


New York Daily News: Business Interest Group Takes on New York's Run-down Airports – January 6, 2013


The Real Deal: Thor’s Joseph Sitt Forms Group, Advocating Improvements to N.Y.-area Airports – January 4, 2013


Crain's New York Business: New Group Targets NYC's 'Embarrassing' Airports - January 4, 2013

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